Why Use Enviko?

Enviko are award winning providers of renewable energy systems for businesses and homeowners, we offer full low carbon energy solutions for agricultural, commercial and domestic purposes.

We are an accredited installer of renewable energy technologies, and we offer a comprehensive service, locating the best products for you before managing projects from the initial stages through design, installation and then ongoing maintenance.

Our staff are highly experienced and we offer a superior customer service experience throughout each project.

With each new project either big or small, if we see potential for the installation of one of our renewable systems, our team will run an initial site review before conducting design surveys, planning and grid connect tests. We then work closely with owners, architects, developers and contractors to make sure our systems are correctly installed, helping you to achieve the very best results from our renewable technology installations.

There are many benefits of installing one of our renewable energy systems, for example a reduction of onsite carbon emissions and reduction of gas and electricity bills. We will also arrange free grant assistance in conjunction with Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive.

Our aim is to provide the essential advisory services to make sure you make an economically viable decision.

Why choose Enviko?
* Dedicated renewable energy company with over 6 years Industry experience.
* National Company support with LOCAL OFFICE service
* Friendly, helpful & honest consultants
* Experienced IN HOUSE Installation team
* Excellent Customer Feedback & referral scheme
* Price match Guarantee (Genuine quotes only, conditions apply)



Swimming pool heat pumps have a long life span and are simple to drain when winterising or carrying out maintenance on the pool

To work out much you could save from installing an ASHP, use our Heat Pump Calculator.Please feel free to get in contact with us by email or call 0845 189 9894 to discuss any of your requirements.

The Basics

Swimming pool heat pumps can be installed by Enviko. We are one of the UK’s leading renewable energy companies and can install these for your swimming pool. Read more on how they work.

Heat from the air outside
The air outside is around 11-13°C and is heated by the sun to a constant temperature and so this is easily harnessed. These pumps absorb heat from the air outside using a refrigeration gas and this air the then circulated by use of a fan.


The heated gas is then compressed to strengthen the heat. The heated gas is then sent to a heat exchanger where it heats the swimming pool water. The refrigeration gas therefore cools and is sent back to be heated by the outside air again. basics of heat pumps used with pools in the UK

More energy efficient
This system is therefore energy efficient and works by simply taking heat from the surroundings and using it to heat water and so is perfect for swimming pools. At Enviko we can install a range of heat pumps and choose the best one for you. We have extensive experience and a large portfolio of many types of renewable energy installations.

Offering cheaper heating for pools
These are a cheap way of heating your house too, where the heat exchange contains air instead of swimming pool water and can if installed under the house provide under floor heating. This is easier in new builds but a heat pump can easily be installed in existing properties too. The exchange can also be switched to cool your house during the summer when it gets hot.

Installed and fitted Nationwide
We can also install ground source heat pumps to heat your home, these produce more heat than the swimming pool heat pumps although they cost more they can be a very effective way of providing heat.

They would provide enough to heat up hot water for central heating and can save you up to 50% on your bills by preheating.

These consist of pipe loops that go into the ground, the earth maintains a warm temperature due to heat from the sun and the centre and so water pumped down into the ground gains thermal energy.



Solar Panels

Solar panels supplied and installed by Enviko LtdThe standard solar panel is a photovoltaic panel that consists of several solar cells capable of collecting thermal energy released by the sun. These solar panels are connected together to create a larger system that is capable of converting significant amounts of solar energy to electrical energy. Due to factors such as rain, dust and seasonal changes a large amount of solar panels are used in a simple installation. This ensures that the required amount of light is captured and stored for later use when no thermal energy is available. There are several different types of thermal energy storage as well.